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Download {India Ka Tyohaar} IPL 9 Theme Song, IPL 2016 Theme Song, IPL 9 Theme Song HD Video, Ringtone

Download {India Ka Tyohaar} IPL 9 Theme Song, IPL 2016 Theme Song, IPL 9 Theme Song HD Video, Ringtone

{India Ka Tyohaar} IPL 9 Theme Song, IPL 2016 Theme Song, IPL 9 Theme Song HD Video

Every IPL 9 fan is eagerly waiting for the launch of IPL 9 theme song which has released on 10th March 2016. This IPL 9 theme song is awesomely composed by Salim and Suleiman. They have done various compositions in Bollywood industry which has been super hit and gained a huge popularity in India. When they were asked about this composition of IPL 9 theme song, they said that they were very much excited to create this new composition. Before this they have done composition of the title song ‘Chak De India’ which became very famous through the movie ‘Chak De India’ which was also composed by Salim and Suleiman only. ‘India ka tyohaar’ is the title of this IPL 9 theme song which has got plenty amount of fame within a few days of its release and people are really liking its entire composition. It is very melodious to listen and is having meaningful lyrics ‘Ismein Hai Dilo Ka Pyar, Ye Hai India Ka Tyohaar’. More clear illustration about it is given in the following paragraphs.

IPL 9 HD Theme Song, IPL 2016 HD Theme Song, IPL Theme Song

HD video of IPL 9 theme song is already available on various channels and websites from which it can be easily got in all formats. The making of IPL 9 theme song is also interesting. When they talked to media they told that they really enjoyed composing it. Initially it was somewhat difficult to manage the soor and taal, but they performed it smartly. Almost all the part of making of ‘India ka tyohaar’ is done in studio which led perfect combination of audio track as well as the steps done by all the performances by the expert performs. Characters taken for the making of this IPL 9 theme song also done fantabulous performances in the making of its video and overcame with a stimulating fame. IPL 9 theme ringtone is also composed to promote the IPL 2016 with full force. People are in the search of IPL 2016 theme ringtone which is quite interesting. It feels very good when you are standing in crowd for watching the live cricket match of Indian Premier League and your phone rings with the IPL 9 theme ringtone. Everyone will look towards you and ask you to send that ringtone to their mobile phones through the sharing apps. Same like this, everybody wants to keep IPL 9 ringtone of as the caller tune or ringtone of its smartphone or mobile phone.

IPL 9 Theme Music, IPL 2016 Theme Music

The HD video of this IPL 9 theme song is very simple in which the scenes are shot with very simplicity. No overreacting is done by the people having their participation in the making of IPL 9 theme song. At the starting of the video you will see that a person comes out from the auto and after paying fees of auto driver, the person steps towards his society. There he sees that people are excited and the environment is full of entertainment. He gets confused with the though what the reason may be. After having a review over the situation he comes to know about the fact that all of them are watching the live match of Indian Premier League. Hence, that person too joins them and at the end of the match, when the fielder takes a catch of the last wicket of the opponent team and starts celebrating their victory over them, these people too start the celebrations. Thus the HD video of IPL 9 theme song ends with the promotion of IPL 9 which will start on 9 April and end on 24 May on Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Stay tuned to us for the upcoming updates on 9th season of Indian Premier League.


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